Monthly Statements

You will receive a statement (bill) from Centre Pediatrics only when you owe a balance. We try to include the reason that your insurance company has transferred some or all of the charges for your child’s visit to you. Therefore, if you receive a statement in the mail from us, please read it carefully. If you do not agree with the reason that the insurance company gave us for the transfer of charges to you, please call your insurance company right away.

Most insurance companies have time limits. If your problem is not settled within the appropriate time, all charges become your sole responsibility. So we urge you to attend to any problems right away. If you have any other questions about our statements, please call us right away. You may reach our billing office at (800) 478-6675.

Here are some reasons why your insurance company could transfer the charges to you:

  • Your insurance company says that you did not answer its questionnaire concerning other health insurance.
  • Your insurance company says that your child is not on your plan.
  • Your insurance company says that you have not selected a PCP (primary care provider) for your child.
  • Your insurance company says that your insurance is no longer effective.
  • Your insurance company says that the balance due is your deductible, coinsurance or co-pay.
  • Your insurance company says that your child’s name is spelled differently or that your child’s birthdate does not match our records.

Many people believe that we in the Centre Pediatric billing office can call your insurance company on your behalf to straighten out these problems. This is not true. Insurance companies insist on speaking directly with you (or sometimes, with a representative from your employer’s benefit office).

In all of the above instances, you can ask your insurance company’s customer service representative to

  • correct the information
  • backdate the corrections to the oldest outstanding claim and
  • reprocess the outstanding claims.

It is wise to write down the name, date, and substance of your conversation with your insurance company. And we appreciate a call from you to let us know the steps that you have taken to clear up this matter.