Main Phone Number: (617) 735-8585

Practice Administrator: (617) 713-6262

Mailing Address:
Centre Pediatric Associates, P.C.
One Brookline Place, Suite 327
Brookline, MA 02445

Billing: 617-713-6203

Fax: (617) 232-0572

Email should be used for non-urgent, administrative inquiries regarding our practice. For clinical questions about your child, please call the office at 617-735-8585 or send a message on patient gateway.

Telephone Menu For (617) 735-8585:
Please select Option
0 – for a medical emergency or if you are a physician, medical facility or pharmacy
2 – if you are calling regarding a sick or injured child or if you need a prescription refilled
3 – to schedule an appointment for a routine or well visit or to speak to one of our receptionists
4 – for a referral, health form or to request medical records

Up all night with a sick child?
Fevers, sore throats, earaches?

We are bringing the ability to self-schedule sick visits for early morning visits. If you choose to use this feature, these sick visits are for acute issues ONLY such as:

  • new onset fevers (for more than 24 hours with no other symptoms for 3- to 6-month-olds, more than 48 hours for 6 months+ with no other symptoms, or fevers > 102 for more than 72 hours for kids with upper respiratory symptoms
  • sore throat
  • upper respiratory symptoms such as congestion, cough, wheezing, barky cough.
    • if your child is a known asthmatic, please bring their supplies such as inhalers, spacers, etc. with you.
    • if your child is coming in with respiratory symptoms, we ask you to please do a home COVID antigen test. If it is positive, please call the office instead of scheduling during this time.
  • ear pain
  • concern for urinary tract infection


DIRECTIONS TO SELF BOOK MORNING SICK VISITS FOR ACUTE ISSUES ONLY (these appointments will be visible only after 4 PM the night before):

  1. Go to the Patient Gateway App or website
  2. Choose “Schedule an Appointment” under child’s chart.
  3. Pick “Sick Visit APP”
  4. Pick “Centre Pediatric Associates” should have time slot to choose.


PLEASE, DO NOT USE these visits for chronic issues or issues you would like to talk to your primary MD/PNP team. If your child has COVID or another household member is COVID+, please call for an appointment. If you have a home COVID antigen test that is positive, you do not need a confirmatory PCR test in the office. For simple conjunctivitis, please call our office as your child may be eligible for eye ointment to be sent into the pharmacy without being seen.
If your child is tested for COVID, Influenza A, Influenza B, or RSV via our PCR machine, results will be placed into Patient Gateway but may take up to 24 hrs. for them to be reported.