We continue to offer Flu Mist vaccine as an alternative to standard flu shots. Flu Mist was first approved for use in 2003. The Flu Mist vaccine is a small amount of liquid sprayed up each nostril. It does not sting.

Most healthy people, between ages 2 and 49 years, are candidates to receive Flu Mist vaccine.

The Flu Mist is not given to asthmatics or patients who are immunocompromised or on immunosuppressive drugs like steroids.

We are still giving standard flu shots. Anyone 6 months of age or older may receive the standard vaccine.

Children 6 months up to¬†8 years of age getting a flu vaccine for the first time will need two doses of vaccine the first year they are vaccinated, with the first dose ideally being given in September or as soon as vaccine becomes available. The second dose should be given 28 or more days after the first dose. The first dose “primes” the immune system; the second dose provides immune protection.